Karst-O-Rama 2008

July 23rd, 2008


We made it back from Karst-O-Rama alive! We met some really amazing folks that were happy to bring along complete novices, loan equipment to complete strangers and give lots of advice. Jenn’s parents and her nephew came along in her parents’ Class A. The road getting in and out of the Great Saltpetre Preserve was… interesting… for the 35′ motor home, but we made it without any mishaps.

The general format of Karst-O-Rama is caving all day and partying all night. The electric sites are smack in the middle of the party camp, where there are no quiet hours as there are in the family camping area. It was awfully hot, hitting the 90’s every day and we were glad to be underground during the heat of the day.

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No more hiding my hide!

June 29th, 2008


That’s right, I finally finished it. And, it only took forever :D. I know its not the best, but damn it, I did it and its mine!

Special thanks go out to:

Johnny for being so cool with me running away for a week to hang out in the woods getting primitive with a bunch of strangers clad in dreadlocks, for putting up with me toting it around for so long, for building the tripod and for graciously tending the fire all day on your birthday so that I could smoke it.

Megan for working on it when she thought it was her’s and for being such a great sport about the big hide mix up that caused everyone to work on somebody else’s.

Woniya for being such a great teacher and such a nice person.

Deedee for telling me that there were hides in the store when I had lost hope of tanning one.

Vikki and Jerry for being such great company and for dumping my water when I forgot.

Everyone else at Rivercane Rendezvous for the unique and wonderful experience! I hope to see you all again soon.

Time to get busy on my leather working skills.

Pictures from Rivercane Rendezvous Spring 2007

Hunting Sites in NC

May 8th, 2008

Still heading south for the bike rally in Myrtle Beach, we spent a couple of nights in North Carolina. Since we had such good luck with WMA’s in Virginia, we figured NC WMA’s would be worth a shot. Turns out, they are kind of hit or miss. WMA’s in NC do not allow the extensive boondocking that VA has. You can, however, use some pretty secluded camping sites that are primarily for hunters. The catch is, the sites are only open during hunting season.

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Cleaning and spraying for sanity’s sake

April 10th, 2008

So you know that we moved up the street to save some money on rent. Not only is the place cheaper, but its also a bit more spread out and wild, which we love. But, with that wildness comes problems. Bugs. I am not too worried about most bugs. What I cannot handle is roaches. Ugh. Yuck. No way. The campground seems to have a roach problem, and it was becoming ours.
Now, I do try to be an environmentally friendly person. I don’t want to introduce chemicals into my living area or the area around my home. However, I can’t take roaches in the house!

So, earlier this week, we finally did what I would always do before moving in to somewhere new, we sprayed the joint down with Demon Dust WP. My folks say they used to get the stuff from an old family friend who was an exterminator. Thankfully, its available to the public now.

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Give me a brake!

December 17th, 2007

It poured on us pretty good late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, but by about 9:30 in the morning, the rain had stopped and the clouds were clearing out.

With great enthusiasm, we hopped out of the camper (well, after wearing out the snooze bar and having a cup of coffee) and started tearing off one of the front wheels and the brake caliper. We broke a couple of cheapo sockets breaking some nuts free and had to run out for replacements, but eventually we got the caliper off and got to the brake pads.

And then we had to run out for parts again. Apparently the last guy to work on the brakes couldn’t be bothered with putting things back together correctly. He left off one of the anti-rattle clips and BOTH of the V springs. Eventually, we found a auto store with a ‘brake kit’ that consisted of 4 V springs and 8 anti-rattle clips. A whopping $20 for about one ounce of cheap steel… but if you don’t have it… Anyway, we now had what should be all the parts and proceeded to try and pull this apart:

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